Our Approach

Our Approach

Our philosophy is guided by our own years of business experience.

Our deep domain expertise in specific vertical markets is our core strength.

Our approach is directed with an emphasis on achieving specific financial goals and actionable results

Our Story

Our Story

Founding Partner and Principal, Marcus Sharpe brings a deep commitment to helping business owners and investors realize fully their goals. For over twenty five years he has successfully led companies from inception to acquisitions, small to massive growth and rescued  organizations in need.

Meet the Founder and Managing Partner

Marcus Sharpe is a seasoned results-oriented professional with excellent record of achievement in variety of demanding entrepreneurial and established environments ... An accomplished entrepreneur, executive and sales  management professional with proven track record in developing technologies, building teams, creating new markets and exceeding business goals.


Marcus Sharpe

Founder and Managing Partner

Greater than twenty years of executive management experience in technology, health care, hospitality, real estate and general business management

Broad understanding of operational, documentation and regulatory practices in U.S. healthcare

Lead role in nationwide introduction of enterprise software company to behavioral health industry.


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